Back in October, Microsoft launched the latest version of their mobile operating system, Windows Phone 7.

The OS, which aims to rival Android, iPhone and Nokia platforms, launched with a lot of fanfare with well-known Apple fan Stephen Fry singing its praises.

The first major update, which is due in early in the New Year, is set to make the phone even better and will bring a standard copy and paste feature.

However, the second update, which could be detailed at the Mobile World Conference in Feburary, will be much bigger, with technology blog The Next Web reporting that it will bring a VoIP client to all WP7 handsets.

The Next Web’s Alex Wilhelm said the update will help WP7 keep up with the competition:

It would give the Windows Phone 7 a large boost in terms of feature performance when compared to the endlessly popular iOS and Android platforms.”

With the update, Microsoft appear to be trying to keep up with their competitors, especially as Android have recently launched their Gingerbread 2.3 operating system, which comes with a native SIP client.

It means that WP7 users would be able to enable services like Gradwell’s Business VoIP to use Hosted PBX functionality on their smartphones while they’re away from the office. This saves businesses time and money as employees are always reachable while reducing the cost of calls by bypassing expensive mobile networks.

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