The number of mobile VoIP calls made annually will rocket from 15 billion minutes in 2010 to 470.6 billion by 2015, according to a report by telecoms market analysts Juniper Research.

VoIP services, such as Gradwell’s Business VoIP, will be used on mobile devices more and more over the next 5 years as network infrastructure improves and smartphones become more widely accessible.

Anthony Cox, Senior Analyst at Juniper Research, noted that the established mobile operators need to consider VoIP as a serious threat:

WiFi mobile VoIP is potentially the most damaging of all VoIP traffic as it bypasses the mobile networks altogether. We forecast that mobile VoIP over WiFi will cost operators $5 billion globally by 2015, since it represents loss of control over their own networks.”

While mobile VoIP has its benefits, such as making free calls, it does have downsides such as poor availability of publically available WiFi networks when out of the office compared to almost ever-present mobile network coverage.

However, innovative services, such as Gradwell Mobile, have fused mobile VoIP and traditional mobile networks together to overcome this problem.

Gradwell Mobile provides businesses with competitive low-cost calling, landline numbers and PBX features on their mobile handset, without having to rely on a WiFi signal as mobile VoIP does.

Gradwell Mobile is therefore a very robust, smart and efficient phone service which businessmen and women can rely on wholeheartedly to help them mobilise their business telephony and communicate at any given time.

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