An article posted today on looked at how American Republican candidates are implementing VoIP to develop dialogue with voters and acquire valuable insights into voter behaviour for this year’s mid-term elections.

In the past, political communications has focused a great deal on social media such as web sites like Facebook and Twitter. Although social media can be used as an effective, communications channel, their use has created a tendency to overlook the power of actually talking to an electorate.

To expand, the Telegraph article tells the story of Jim Moran, Virginia’s Democrat congressman. Two years ago, Moran easily won his re-election with an astonishing 68%. However, this year he is being challendged by resource rich US Army Colonel Patrick Murray.

Political analysts had written off Murray and argued that he had little chance against such a strong competitor like Moran but Murray is on the verge of pulling off one of the biggest political upsets of the 2010 mid-terms.

With no budget for TV or radio messages, Moran purchased 30 VoIP lines and started calling his target coalition of voters.

The VoIP phones enabled Murray and his volunteers to ask structured questions and record their answers instantly into the campaign database, helping them get a quick and easy look at data to determine the rest of their campaign.

Essentially, the dialogue between campaign volunteers and voters has enabled Murray’s party to acquire valuable insight into voter opinions, which Murray then used to tailor his political communications.

The result of Murray’s intuitive use of VoIP has drastically lowered the gap between the two candidates, resulting in a surge of national attention.

The way in which Murray used VoIP to gain a political advantage against his competitor has several similarities to the ways VoIP can be used by small businesses.

Murray used VoIP because he did not have the budget to create costly TV or radio campaigns. He realised how cost effective VoIP can be as the cost to make a VoIP call is dramatically cheaper than an analogue call. Further, a hosted VoIP solution does not require a big initial investment or messy installation and multiple users can also operate from just one account.

In a very short period of time, Murray was able to use VoIP as a cost-effective, powerful communications platform to help him reach his political objectives.Very similar to how VoIP can help a congressman meet his political objectives, VoIP can also help you meet your business objectives.

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