In our two blog posts on encryption we spoke about many things you could adopt in your business to help protect your vital data from prying eyes.

One quick, easy and cost-effective suggestion was to use TrueCrypt to lockdown your files, and our endorsement stretches even further with the news that even the FBI couldn’t get into a TrueCrypt protected file.

TechWorld reports that after Brazil’s National Institute of Criminology (INC) failed to crack the passphrases used to secure drives by suspect banker, Daniel Dantas, they called in the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and their tech team.

Experts in the INC spent 5 months attempting to access the hard drive before calling in the American agency, who tried trying various techniques to break the passphrase. The FBI team failed to breach TrueCrypt’s encrpytion and returned the drives to Brazil where no more progress has been made.

With TrueCrypt’s ‘deniable file system’ approach, where the encrypted file or drive is rendered practically invisible to those without the passphrase, the authorities cannot be sure how many drives they are trying to access.

So if it is good enough to keep the FBI out, surely it is good enough to deploy across your business?

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