Ofcom has started planning for the sale of rights to the next generation of mobile wireless networking: 4G.

The UK telecoms regulator intends to open up the rights to the 4G spectrum to UK mobile providers in early 2012, meaning end users will see next-generation connections on mobile devices later that year. Ofcom also say that to guarantee competition in the future market it will limit both the minimum and maximum amounts of spectrum that any bidder can win.

With the previous auction for the 3G spectrum in 2000 generating a record £22.5 billion for the UK treasury, it is understandable that there are high hopes from the government for this round of bidding.

However, it is not the price that will be paid that should interest mobile consumers, but the benefits that a 4G enabled device will bring.

The new generation will bring speeds, according to The Guardian, of up to 100Mb, blurring the lines between mobile and fixed internet devices. Ed Richards, Ofcom Chief Executive, described 4G as providing “much better data services and therefore all the kind of things you can get on your broadband at home or in your office and that you aspire to do through your smartphone or tablet computer”.

The new spectrum means businesses will be able to enable remote workers easier and cheaper than ever before. Users will be able to access vital cloud communication services, such as business VoIP and access anywhere email, more reliably than is currently possible outside of WiFi hotspots.

The large benefit of that is the reduction in call costs. Using a mobile VoIP client and a Gradwell VoIP account, calls to colleagues within the business are completely free. If they call a client on a landline, they only pay landline to landline costs instead of mobile to landline.

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