Think SIP Trunks Aren’t Your Cup of Tea? Think Again


No, we’re not talking about sipping tea, but we think SIP Trunks are the old standby, black tea of new telephony options. It’s readily available, it can soothe one of your often overlooked business challenges and can make your day just a little bit easier.

So what’s all this about, you ask? Well, have you ever called a company to upgrade your old PBX box and hung up wondering how you are going to find the money to do what the supplier is telling you it will cost?

Enter, SIP Trunks.

SIP Trunk sounds like a rather menacing name to the general consumer and everyone seems to have a different answer about what it means (one US-based company even ran a SIP Trunk Challenge!) so let’s cover the basics.

Unlike traditional phone setups where lots of physical wires were once needed, a SIP trunk allows a business to replace traditional fixed lines with connectivity via a SIP trunking service through the internet.

Simply put, Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) is used to create voice sessions over a data network connection through to your PBX box, without having to pay for an upgrade to your old box and/or pay for additional PBX box maintenance. They produce the same results as a traditional landline but they are virtual lines running through your internet connection.

Largely underrated, SIP Trunks are a fantastic choice for anybody wanting to switch to virtual telephony as they are easy to use, hassle-free and are a much cheaper alternative. The technology behind SIP Trunks is more than the usual ‘plug and go’ of landlines which makes them seem like a solution only suitable for the more technically-minded. This certainly isn’t the case and here are some of the business benefits:

Lower Costs – With no need to maintain a physical phone line and the cheaper cost of VoIP calls you’ll see the savings month on month.

Infinite Scalability for Growing Businesses – Let your setup grow as you do. With SIP it’s easy to increase the amount of Trunks as your business expands and lower rates apply for multiple SIP Trunks.

Packed with Features – Enjoy great features, such as advanced call routing options, free calls between sites and call centre functionality.

Never Miss a Call – You never need to worry about missing calls while you’re out and about because with SIP Trunks you can programme your server to forward calls to a mobile phone, alternate extension or another trunk group.

Gradwell offers both Inbound and Outbound Trunks as part of our VoIP Trunk Service. Prices start at £4 per month (plus VAT) and our friendly Sales Team can help you sort all that out when you call us on 01225 800 808.

Oh, and as we are talking about tea, if you do purchase our SIP Trunk services before the 30th of September, we will actually send you a box of tea and a bun or two, both sourced locally near our office in Bath. How does that sound for your afternoon tea break this month? Just mention this blog to our Sales Team using BLOGSIP when you sign up.

To close, by simply installing SIP trunking technology into your current telephone system, you can enjoy the highest quality voice communications at a lower cost. Why wouldn’t you do it?



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