The majority of businesses are putting themselves at risk, in terms of security and growth, by not keeping up with the latest developments in technology.

Research by tech support firm Lifeline IT shows that 95% of those asked admitted they found advances in technology confusing and complex, taking a ‘head in the clouds’ approach towards IT safety and innovations such as cloud computing.

Nearly three quarters also mentioned that they considered more ‘up to date’ IT systems beyond their knowledge and needed more specialist support if they were implemented in their business. Although IT is seen as key to growing a business, two-thirds said economic pressures had led them to slash their IT budget in the past year.

Security was ranked as most important, with 97% citing it as their top IT priority. It is that view that led 99% to also believe that the risks associated with cloud based services outweighed the business advantages, leading to only 10% saying it was important.

Surprisingly less than a quarter who took part in the research felt it would be commonplace in businesses in five years time.

Commenting on the findings, Lifeline IT founder and director Daniel Mitchell said: “Despite technology playing an increasingly important role in business growth and development, companies are failing to get to grips with some fundamental basics around security and innovation.

Mitchell also added that while IT can be confusing, it can “bring huge amounts of added value to an organisation” with services such as business VoIP offering high-level features for low-level investment.

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