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Snom D712 features a menu-driven user interface, and crystal-clear HD audio through the use of an advanced speaker and microphone system, supporting a broad range of audio codecs. The comfortable and intuitive menu structure and built in LEDS for visual call indication alerts make this an easy to use and ideal for small or large scale deployments.
Like all Snom desktop phones, the D710/D712 features Snom’s security, interoperability and SIP firmware.

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Snom D712 Key Features
• Elegant design
• Four-line backlit B/W display
• 4 identities (lines)
• IPv6
• 4 context-sensitive function keys
• 5 freely programmable function keys with LEDs
• Wideband HD audio
• Speakerphone
• Power over Ethernet (PoE)
• Ethernet switch
• XML Minibrowser

Snom D712 Audio Features:
Wideband audio, G.711 A-law, μ-law, G.722 (wideband), G.726, G.729AB, GSM 6.10 (FR), Comfort Noise Generator (CNG), Voice Activity Detection (VAD), Selection of ring tones, VIP ring tones, integration of customized ring tones, Speakerphone, Multiple audio device support

Snom D712 Phone Features:
4 identities (lines), IPv6, Speed dialing, URL dialing, local dial plan, automatic redial on busy, call completion (busy/unreachable), Caller identification, Call waiting, Call blocking, blocking of anonymous calls, auto answer, lists of missed/received/dialed calls, hold, mute microphone, keyboard lock

Snom D712 Directory:
Directory with 1000 contact entries, Import/export of directory

IP-PBX Features:
music on hold, handling of up to 4 simultaneous calls, blind and attended transfer, call forwarding, 3-way conference on the phone, extension monitoring, call pickup, call park/call unpark, multicast paging, DND mode, client Matter Code (CMC), Unified Communications ready, Web Server

Snom D712 Display and Indicator:
Four-line display, BW, 128 x 48 pixels, Menu-driven user interface, comfortable and intuitive menu structure, Localization (language, time, dial tone), call indication with LED, LED indication for missed calls, waiting messages, and calls on hold, clock with automatic daylight-saving time, call timer (call duration), Phone Functions

Snom D712 Feature Keys:
4 context-sensitive function keys, 5 freely programmable function keys with LEDs

Snom D712 Interface:
Ethernet: 2 x 10/100 Mbps switch, Power over Ethernet (PoE): IEEE 802.3af, Class 1, 1 x LAN, 1 x PC: RJ 45, Handset: 4P4C connector, Headset: (wired) 4P4C connector; wireless via Snom EHS Advanced, Color: Black

Snom D712 Other Physical Features:
Weight: Approx. 760g, without footstand approx. 640g, Dimensions: approx. without footstand 205x185x40 mm, Dimensions: with footstand 205x185x200/220 mm, Certification FCC Class B, CE marking, Safety: IEC 60950-1:2007, Power: PoE or 5V DC power supply listed in the user guide

Snom D712 Management/ Installation
Automatic software updates, automatic loading of settings via HTTP/ HTTPS/TFTP, completely configurable through web interface, remote management via TR-069/TR-111, static IP, DHCP support, NTP

Snom D712 Network and Security
Built-in HTTP/HTTPS server, remote configuration/provisioning, dialing from web interface, password protection, diagnostics (traces, logging, syslog), security, Quality of Service, HTTPS-Server/-Client, Transport Layer Security (TLS), SRTP (RFC3711), SIPS, RTCP, VLAN (IEEE 802.1X), LLDP-MED, RTCP-XR, VP, SIP
RFC3261 compliant, UDP, TCP and TLS, Digest authentication, PRACK (RFC3262),Error Code indication, Reliability of provisional responses (RFC3262), Early media support, DNS SRV (RFC3263), redundant server support, Offer/Answer (RFC3264), Message Waiting Indication (RFC3842),, Subscription for MWI events (RFC3265), Dialog-state monitoring (RFC 4235), In-band DTMF/out-of-band DTMF/SIP INFO DTMF, STUN client (NAT traversal), NAPTR (RFC 2915), rport (RFC 3581),, REFER (RFC 3515)), Bridged line appearance (BLA), Auto provisioning with PnP, Presence/Buddy-list feature, Busy lamp field support (BLF), Presence publishing

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