The snom 300 desktop is “fantastic” starter phone, according to Nick Cook (Gradwell support team member). Entry level VoIP phones do not come much better than this. The solid design and rugged handset provide comfortable use and the straight forward design lends itself to most scenarios.

A number of the Gradwell team use these models and all agree that the phone is well designed and has high level secure features. However, this can come at a cost to efficiency. Challenge response (a function where you have to enter your password before any action is made) is active by default, which can slow you down if your usage levels are heavy.

Another consideration that should be made during purchase is whether to pick up a headset for the unit. If your usage levels are heavy, a good headset such as the MM3 can do wonders for a phone operator who requires a hands free approach such as using a PC, when handling calls.

Overall the snom 300 is a solid buy, with a tough rugged build with a good level of usability and a straightforward typically snom-esque design, it ranks highly. For £79.99 + VAT from our online hardware store, it also suits the budget conscious business. However if you require a larger display and a bit more functionality you should consider looking at the snom 320 or 370.

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