Illness can strike your business at any time, especially as Autumn and Winter are just around the corner.

Losing just one staff member can affect the way your company works, but that need not be the case. Internet telephony frees you and your employees from the office – enabling flexible home working.

We recently had a member of staff come down with the sniffles. They thought it best to stay away from the office, which was fine by us! They unplugged their phone from their desk, took it home, plugged it into their router and just carried on working – same phone, same number, same settings. Along with web-based email and a company instant messaging service, they were able to work from home as if they were in the office.

Being able to work outside of the traditional office space also allows employers to become more flexible with working hours. If a member of staff needs to come in later than usual because they perhaps need to wait for a delivery in the morning, visit the dentist or look after a loved one, they needn’t stay late at the office to make up for missed hours. With their VoIP phone and an Internet connection, they can continue to work while at home and still leave the office at the normal time!

Our award-winning VoIP can help your business continue to work as normal. It gives your employees the tools to be able to work to flexible hours and overcome any out of office obstacles.

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