They say talk is cheap but when you look at your company’s phone bill I bet you wish it were… well… cheaper.
As if it wasn’t bad enough paying for calls, there’s the capital cost of a switchboard and monthly line rental to pay as well. When you take everything into account, it all really adds up.

However, with Gradwell’s business VoIP system you can make some serious savings.

For starters, all calls made within your business are free – and that includes calls between offices in different locations and calls to and from staff working from home. And it isn’t just your colleagues that you can call for free – phone a VoIP user anywhere in the world and you won’t pay a penny for the call.

Of course, not everyone is on VoIP just yet, but with our system that doesn’t matter. When you make calls to mobiles, or to local, national or international landlines, you’ll still save money as our call charges are cheaper than most other suppliers. Even when the headlines look better with the bigger players, we’re sure that our customers make worthwhile savings overall.

And the savings don’t end there.

Gradwell’s system still gives you a real phone on your desk, but is operated through a simple website. This means you avoid having to make a capital investment in a large, expensive switchboard (it makes future expansion of your system simple and cost-effective too). Furthermore, our system means you can also do away with the nuisance that is multiple BT line rental.

With our Multi-User VoIP packages starting at just £8 a month, and some packages including bundled landline and mobile minutes, the ways in which you can start making some serious savings just keep on coming.


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