For busy people, the phone is a vital tool for both business and personal life.

But giving out your mobile number can sometimes mean that one side of your life frequently collides with the other. Now you don’t have to give out your mobile number, because you can always be mobile with VoIP.

Using Voice over Internet (VoIP), you can give out a single number for all your phones. This allows you to keep all aspects of your life separate and improves your work-life balance.

Two Desks – Two Phones – One Number

These days lots of people work from multiple locations. Perhaps you have a home office and a work office. With VoIP from Gradwell, you can have a phone on both desks, but use exactly the same phone number for both. That means that regardless of where you are working from, you can answer your phone and stay in touch with your clients.

For example, our client James works predominantly from his home office in Manchester. The main, company office is in London but you can use the same London based number to reach him at both locations. With VoIP you can choose your main number location and pick it up in either office with ease. It’s terrible when you miss that important call because you weren’t at your desk. But now, you can even have your calls forwarded to your mobile from one landline number if you’re in between your home and office. VoIP offers great flexibility and the most advanced features available.

Comfort and Cost

We all like to meet face-to-face but you have to question whether its good for your business’ finance and resources. Even with low cost air fares, you could be spending hundreds of pounds travelling for only a few hours of face-to-face time. Add on any necessary hotels, subsistence and loss of office hours and it’s clearly not a smart option.

Holding a conference call using VoIP can save all the money and effort of face-to-face meetings because VoIP calls are much cheaper than regular calls and they can be made from the comfort of your work or home office. Although you will be saving time and money, holding a phone to your ear or cradling it for long periods can be uncomfortable and has been known to cause Repetitive Strain Injury or RSI. Using a professional headset can ease the strain.

Be Late for Work

One of your clients calls before your office hours to discuss an important matter. The trouble is that if you’re still at home, you can’t receive the call. But with VoIP, you’ll be late for work because you spent the morning closing the big deal in the comfort of your own home.

Of course, you don’t have to tell anyone that you were in your pyjamas at the time. Not only do you get a full night’s sleep but it also makes it easier to deal with those tricky timezone issues. Its almost never convenient to run back to work or stay late to make that important call. With VoIP for business you can quickly make a call from the comfort of your home while your’re making breakfast or just after the kids have gone to bed.

Work on the Move

Do you move from city to city? Or perhaps you’re an international jetsetter, closing deals all over the globe or speaking to important clients on a regular basis face to face. If so, you don’t want to return to a voicemail message box that’s bursting with calls from people that couldn’t get in touch with you. With VoIP you can get just one number and have the calls routed to you from all over the world. Or, if you want your clients to be more at ease, give them a local number in their area to dial and they’ll connect with you.

If you’re busy, you can personalise a voicemail greeting to ensure they know you’ll call back soon You can also choose to be sent email or SMS alerts whenever you receive a voicemail. This gives you the option of dealing with each call when its convenient rather than being bombarded with them on return to the office.


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