In the current climate it serves to be one step ahead of the game. Increasing the efficiency of staff will ultimately cut costs and increase your profits. Perhaps you have reception staff in each of your local offices doing the same job – answering phones.

What if you could pool your call takers in one place and still use local numbers for your customers and clients to call?

You could make significant savings by reducing hours or even assign your staff with new tasks designed to address other shortfalls in their location.

We know of a number of small and medium businesses in the United Kingdom that are looking at cost cutting measures to ensure the survival of their company through the downturn. Many are considering closing some of their local branches. However, the customers will still have the same number saved in their phones and on old written correspondence. It’s likely that they will still try calling the same local number. Do you want to lose out on their custom?

If your business is considering a similar measure, but you are concerned about losing a proportion of your loyal customers, you can simply port the phone number to Gradwell’s business VoIP, the Voice over Internet Protocol service. This way, you can keep the same old telephone numbers alive and not worry about missing out on losing customers because you can just have their calls answered from your main office. Branch closures are tough, but it doesn’t mean close of business for everyone. You can use VoIP to keep your business functioning, even at the toughest times.

When finances are tight, then profits really matter; do you really need to keep a receptionist working on quiet afternoons in each branch? We know of a successful optician who runs their branches with fewer staff on a Friday afternoon because one office can handle all the calls coming from over twenty-two of the branches. Now that seems like a great way to cut costs doesn’t it? With VoIP it’s possible to cut expenditure and cut calling costs at the same time.

Furthermore, while you’re cutting the number of staff hours that you need to run your organization, you can also extend your opening hours by routing all of your after-hours calls through to a central reception. You don’t need to have a separate office for each number, you can have all calls routed straight through to a single receptionist, or if you have high call volumes, a single office of receptionists. Seriously, how many receptionists do you actually need? With Gradwell VoIP, you can set up your phone to identify the precise type of call that’s coming in and direct it to the next available receptionist or automatically send it to voicemail, if it’s non-essential.

What if you needed to move your entire operation to a different country to cut costs? You’d still want to maintain the same low cost local numbers for your customers? Well, it’s simple, using VoIP, your number stays the same wherever you go, at still a fraction of the cost of traditional telecommunications companies. Sound like a plan?


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