It’s a sad fact, but most people can give more examples of bad customer service than good or great customer service.

For example, I find it really tiresome when I call a company about a particular issue only to be passed from one department to another and asked to repeat my details and reason for calling at each juncture.

Equally annoying is being kept on hold or in a queue for ages only to be told the person I need to speak to is out of the office.

These experiences and others like them lead people to look for alternative companies to do business with – and I’m sure you don’t want your customers to be doing that!

Fortunately, with Gradwell’s business VoIP system you can easily improve your customer service and ensure your customers remain your customers.

First, with our simple software interface, you can configure your phone system to ensure that calls get answered as quickly as possible – and by the most relevant people. And given the portability of VoIP, your people can still make and take calls when they’re working away or from home (which can be critical when a customer insists on dealing with a particular member of your team).

What’s more, our system can integrate with your CRM software to give you instant information about the person calling, and our flexible voicemail features let you receive and store your messages more easily. You can even record calls, both for future reference and to improve on the service you provide.

With VoIP, it’s easy to work smarter. And when your people work smarter, your business benefits. As you know, VoIP is a very valuable tool for a wide variety of reasons, not least:

What are you waiting for?


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  1. D Stockford 26th October 2011 at 4:01 pm - Reply

    Are there any plans to integrate with CRM packages like Sugar, SalesForce, Zoho CRM etc?
    I have found that Zoho CRM has an interface for Asterisk and Trixbox.
    It would be really cool to be able to have incoming call details populate a support ticket or sales ticket automagically.
    Also to be able to click on the telephone number of a contact in CRM package and the phone to ring out.

    • jake 27th October 2011 at 12:14 pm - Reply

      Hi David. I don’t believe there are currently any plans for integrating with CRM systems. It does sound like a great idea though.

      If you post it as an idea on our feedback forum ( we can see if other customers also think it would be a useful feature!

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