The chances are that you’re reading this email sitting at your desk in your office. And I bet you’ve a phone on your desk next to your computer. When customers and colleagues call your number, the phone on your desk rings.
But if you go to another office, go home, or go away for a few days, when someone calls, the phone on your desk still rings – only you’re not there to answer it. You miss the call, and your business gets put on hold.

Of course, you may be able to set up some kind of call forwarding, but it can be a bit of a fuss and you need to remember to turn it off when you return. Or you may have an answerphone system, which is fine, but I’m sure anyone calling would prefer to speak to you than leave a message – and I know you’d rather talk to them straight away.
With Gradwell’s business VoIP system, when you move around you take your handy VoIP phone with you and your number follows.

Plug your phone into a computer at home, at another office or anywhere that has an Internet connection, and to the outside world it’s business as usual. And not only does your phone number follow you, but your whole system does too. Log-in through our easy-to-use website and you can do everything from placing calls with a click of a button to dealing with your voicemail, setting call diverts and managing all other aspects of the system.

So, where traditional phone systems can hold your people and your business back, business VoIP propels you forwards.


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