People like talking to people. When customers or prospects call your business, you know that as a machine picks up their heart sinks.

To solve this problem, businesses often give out direct lines for key individuals. Great for the personal touch – but this creates as many problems as it solves. For example, your caller now needs to keep a whole plethora of numbers for different people in your business, and then if they call when that person is on holiday or in a meeting, their call can go unanswered, losing you business.

An easy solution is to set-up mini call centre for the key areas of your business, like sales or support.

Here are four ideas on how you can use a business VoIP system to make it easier for your customers to do business with you.

1: Have one central number for your departments

By creating groups, you can use one phone number to call any number of phones within your business. At the Gradwell office, our 01225 800 808 sales number rings several phones at once, so calls are answered by the first available member of the sales team. This means quicker response time and a person on the end of the line. You can set this up via a VoIP control panels in a matter of minutes and change it whenever you like.

2: Create a voice menu for your central number

It’s likely that you’ll also need a main number for your business, which people call when they’re not sure exactly who they need, or as the number you publish in directories, etc. Some companies also find that having just one really great memorable number for makes communicating with their business as simple as possible. When you have a variety of enquiries coming through to one number, you can get people through to a real human being much more quickly with a simple voice menu. With VoIP you can record your message from your handset and set-up and change the rules in the control panel.

We have direct numbers to sales, support, billing, etc, but we also have a main number, 01225 800 800, which provides callers with all those options. Therefore people who want to remember just one number and people who prefer to call direct, can do just that.

3. Create a call queue

You’ve experienced it. We’ve experienced it. Calling someone only to get an engaged tone over and over, for what seems like forever. It can be very frustrating.

By creating a call queue from your VoIP control panel you can give you callers the choice of waiting to talk to someone, rather than having to call again and again until finally getting through.

In creating a call queue, you also gain the possibility of intermittent messages during the hold music. This allows you to direct people to other ways of getting in touch like email or web chat and advertise new services, up coming events or the latest company news. 

4. If you are experiencing problems, save your time and theirs

If you are experience problems with the service you supply to your customers you are very likely to have a number of people calling to ask you about it. With VoIP, you can quickly, from the comfort of your handset, record a message letting them know they are not the only person with the problem, and you are on the case. This leaves the customer with an answer and your support staff free to deal with separate problems.

These four simple steps can change the experience of calling your business from time-consuming and tricky, to quick and easy – helping you concentrate on day-to-day business.


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