There are many ways you can customise your snom deskphone to get the most from their great design and features. Here are just a few:

1. Customise keys

Your phone comes with lots of keys. Some of them might be useful to your every day tasks, some of them not so much. For this reason snom phones come with a number of customisable keys to help you create the phone that you need to work quickly and efficiently.

You may think you no longer need your conferencing button and would benefit from a new mute button – you can do that.

Simply login through your phone’s web interface, navigate to the function keys setting and change the key’s functions using the comprehensive list of programmable key options available on the snom knowledgebase.

2. Customise screens

If you have one of the new snom 8 series phone, be it the feature-rich 821 or the new touch-screen 870, you customise your holding screen to add your company’s logo or branding across your telephone system.

Simply visit the official snom idle screen generator, follow the steps and create your own bespoke holding screen with the image of your choice. The generator uploads your chosen image and provides you with the choice of displaying the time, date and account information.

When you’ve selected all the options you require, you’ll then be provided with your custom code to add to your phone via the web interface.

3. Customise ringtones

Just like you can with your mobile device, you can select a custom ringtone on your snom deskphone – and it’s just as easy. Another simple generator from snom will help convert your favourite audio file into a compatible ringtone, which you then host on your own server.

Open your phone’s web interface, select ‘Custom Melody’ from the ‘Ringtone’ select menu, paste in the URL and press ‘Save’. Now any call you receive will play your custom ringtone.

4. Stream videos

8 series phones, such as the 821 and 870, can use the in-built minibrowser to stream camera feeds right to their colour screens. This means your security cameras, be that for a door entry system, can be shown direct on your phone’s screen.

Follow the steps in the official snom guide and, with a few lines of code, you’ll soon have a selection of video streams to choose from.

5. Charge and power devices

Need to charge a device that has a USB connector? No free ports on your computer? Simply connect the device to the USB port on the rear of a snom 821 or 870. Problem solved.

The port, originally designed for use with wireless dongles, can be used to charge a wide range of devices, and snom have even used it to charge an iPhone!

6. Add pictures to contacts

So you’re back from that busy networking event with lots of new contacts in your address book. A call comes in from one of them. Trouble is you’re better with faces than names, so you can’t remember who is who.

With the snom 8 series phones you can add a picture to each of your contacts, so when anyone from your address book calls you, their picture pops up on your screen as it rings – allowing you to jog your memory before you answer.

…and more!

The above are just a few of the many things you can achieve with your snom IP phone. There is much more we haven’t covered, such as linking to a door entry system.

There are plenty of applications you can add to your phone, including many custom-made by eager developers who took part in the snom XML Application World Cup, The winners of the 2010 edition included Twitter, RSS and weather apps.

An extensive resource is snom’s “Did you know…” section on their website.

(Sign image by Theron Trowbridge)


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