Recent research from the USA indicates that business VoIP or Voice over Internet Protocol can help businesses to produce radically improved productivity gains. VoIP’s biggest advantage is the vast array of productivity improving features available to any company using VoIP. Here are just 10 uses for VoIP that could help your business to improve productivity:

1: Total Control

With the Call Manager feature, you can have a complete employee list for all staff members that are using VoIP. Call any of them with a single click, check missed calls and numbers dialed, call lengths and on some features you can also listen in. This means that if you use VoIP for your contact centre environment, you can maintain complete control.

2: Speed Dial

Set up limitless speed dial numbers allowing you to quickly make calls without searching for and dialing in long numbers. One click puts you straight through.


3: Do Not Disturb

Undoubtedly one of the most frustrating things in any office is never getting anything done because the phone is always ringing. You don’t want to miss calls, but you can’t have your productivity frequently interrupted. VoIP technology allows your voice calls to be directed to your voicemail without the phone ringing at all.


4: Priority Calls

You may not want to be disturbed, but if you are awaiting a call from a colleague, client or superior, you can set priority alerts, allowing your phone to only ring if called by the person from whom you are awaiting the call. This means you can maintain your productivity levels without missing that vital call.


5: Discussion

If you need to have a three-way conversation between yourself, a colleague and a client, you can have a 3-way VoIP conference call. Since the VoIP system uses the Internet, you won’t have to pay extra for this, nor will you pay extra for calls if your colleague and client are on the opposite side of the world. Improve your ability to interact with others using VoIP.


6: Messaging

How often do you receive an important voicemail message but you know that you have to delete it eventually? What if it contains vital information, and you can’t write it down? With VoIP, you can receive your voicemail messages as wav files in your email inbox. Now you can listen to them anywhere in the world, store or share those messages with others.

7: Out of Office Messaging

You’re out of the office working on-site with a client; you’re not due back in the office until next week. A new lead has just left a message on office phone, and you may miss out on an important chance to convert this lead into a sale. What do you do? With VoIP it’s simple. All you do is wait for VoIP to send you a message to your mobile letting you know that you’ve received a message. Then you login to VoIP on your laptop and check your messages. VoIP means never missing that important voicemail.


8: Call Chaser

Don’t miss a call. VoIP has two excellent features for this. Option one will divert your calls to all your selected numbers at the same time. Option two will dial each of your select numbers until you pick up. Now you don’t ever have to miss that important sales call.

9: Remote Office

When you turn on the remote office function, you can route all of your calls to an alternate phone. So if you want to work from home this week, you won’t miss out. Plus, when you make a call, your work number will appear in the recipient’s caller ID.

10: Selective Forwarding

You can establish criteria so that only the important calls are forwarded to your alternate number. This means that you can avoid unnecessary calls and still connect with the important ones.

The rewards of switching to business VoIP are real, immediate and compelling. If your business wants to take advantage of the many productivity uses for VoIP, then contact Gradwell to find out how we can help you make the most of VoIP today.


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