VoIP or Voice Over Internet Protocol has been commercially available for over ten years now. Of course, in this past decade, massive technological advances have been achieved and gone are the days of poor quality, scratchy Internet voice calls. More and more businesses are now using VoIP. All your business needs is a computer, the Internet and the VoIP software. For those that are still unsure, here are ten financial reasons to use VoIP:

1: FREE CALLS – You can call colleagues, clients, suppliers and well, anyone in the world that has VoIP, for free. There’s no phone charges and no line rental costs, it’s completely free.

2: CHEAP CALLS – If you can’t call VoIP to VoIP, then you can make extremely low-cost calls to users without VoIP. There is a charge, but it’s much cheaper than using a regular telephone or a mobile phone to contact them.

3: BE LOCAL – You can make calling your company cheaper for your clients and customers by giving them a local number to call you on VoIP. So whether you have customers in Shanghai and Helsinki and your base is in Manchester, it doesn’t matter, they call a number that’s local to them and the call comes straight into your VoIP.

4: BE GLOBAL – With VoIP, you can answer your calls anywhere in the world. Your customers dial the same number, but you can choose to answer from anywhere in the world. So if you take your laptop with you on business trips, your clients can still stay in touch. Cutting down on international call charges makes good financial sense for everyone.

5: ALWAYS ANSWER – It really doesn’t matter where you are in the world, you can listen to your messages on the completely free VoIP answer machine.

6: FREE FORWARDING – No one should sit by their phone all day waiting for it to ring. If you need to be out and about, set your VoIP number to forward your calls through to your mobile and you won’t miss out on that important call.

7: ENCOURAGE OTHERS – Don’t be the only one in your organisation to benefit from the wonders of VoIP. Voice Over Internet Protocol can save the entire organisation money when it’s rolled out throughout your company.

8: JOIN THE PARTY – VoIP users can make conference calls with other VoIP users for free. This means that if your colleagues are spread throughout the world, you can still have a free phone conversation without incurring high charges.

9: MOBILE WITHOUT THE BILL – If your mobile phone can run VoIP software, then you can make free calls from your smart phone, which will cut your mobile bills considerably.

10: WORK FROM HOME – VoIP provides the flexibility to make the most of work-from-home opportunities. Internet telephony allows businesses of all sizes to reduce the capital costs of running a team of telesales or telemarketing operatives, while also enabling working from the comfort of their own homes.

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