The world will be introduced to the new Internet Protocol (IP) language this summer as web giants such as Google, Microsoft Bing, Yahoo, Facebook and over 1,000 more sites around the world agreed to trial IPv6.

World IPv6 Day will take place on June 8th this year and all associated websites will enable the new Internet Protocol v6 (IPv6) addressing standards on their services.

Confusion still exists over what IPv6 is and how it will affect people. Each time you go online you are assigned an IP address to identify your device, whether that be a PC, mobile or tablet. This allows you to connect with other websites, with websites currently using the old IPv4 standard. This standard allows a certain amount of addresses and these are about to run out – therefore the adoption of IPv6 is a race against time.

Internet users do not need to worry as they can test their internet connection compatibility thanks to Google at

IPv4 is still, for now, being catered for so even if broadband providers in the UK lack IPv6 support, users shouldn’t have any trouble using their connection as normal.

Google admits that it could still take “years for the Internet to transition fully to IPv6”, which is in large part due to the slow pace of progress by large ISPs and hardware manufacturers (such as broadband routers).

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