Just like school days of old, an office is essentially a controlled space containing a group of otherwise unrelated people who must co-operate with each other day in, day out, at least during working hours. As a business owner, you surely already know that this can go one way or another in meetings and a mixed crowd – some people thrive easily with their team members in a social and professional capacity… others, not so much.

Chances are we’ve all encountered a range of both quirky and wonderful personalities in our working lives. This week, just for fun, we’re covering some of the stereotypical traits that pop up in a diverse working culture. We can’t take all the credit here as you’ve no doubt seen these mentioned in other social media posts:

  • The Silent Workhorse

Introverted and mysterious but oh so very good at their job. You attempt to bond with them but their shyness is a barrier only to be broken at the inevitable awkward post-work party. An admirable trait no doubt, but it can be frustrating sometimes for the more vocal members of the gang.

  • The ‘Bantersaurus Rex’

Or so they call themselves. Essentially the team member that you love and dislike in equal measure who never, ever takes anything seriously. If they disappeared, you’d miss the irreverent comments and silly humour but things would be quieter!

  • Mr/Miss/Mrs/Ms Agreeable?

Forgive the excessive titles, we can’t miss anyone out. The agreeable personality will likely be a bit of a yes person with an intense desire to be liked by the entire office. They’ll never say no if they can help it, rarely ever stick up for themselves and almost always pull the short straw in any workplace antics. Despite this all, they are a valued and endearing presence to the office dynamic.

  • The Liberated Veteran

The person who seems to have worked countless jobs in a diverse range of baffling sectors yet remains switched on, jovial and brings the team together in a way you can’t quite put your finger on. They are progressive, open to new ideas and always ready to bring things full circle and chip in during crunch time.

  • The Eccentric Joker

Likely a little older than the rest of the pack and an acute sufferer of social anxiety, this goofy individual brings smiles to the rest of the office for their peculiar demeanour and seemingly endless source of inane stories.

  • The Driven Newbie

Don’t you just love a new starter? Fresh faced, committed, eager to please and years away from becoming the soulless vessel that some old timers have become. Their outstanding ability to make endless cups of tea, finish spreadsheets in the time it would take you to load Excel and put on fancy boots just makes you swoon… then somebody else starts and the honeymoon period cycle begins anew.

There’s always one…

Do you recognise any of these personalities in your own business and want to share with us? Let us know on Facebook and Twitter.


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