In the same way the internet has become invisible, the cloud will too, according to Acronis’ Alan Laing.

The internet is no longer seen as a benefit to a business it is considered to be essential. We don’t often hear people speaking about the internet as it has just become an everyday part of our working lives. Businesses take the use of the internet for grant because they have become so use to having it available to them, it has become invisible.

It has been proposed that the cloud will soon follow behind the internet and become invisible to us its users.

Over the last five years the IT world has focused primarily on the nuts and bolts of the cloud, things such as hardware optimisation and virtualisation. Of course while this was happening the hype around cloud was building.

Research by Gartner has predicted that more than a third of all content will be within the cloud within the next Four years. They have also predicted that Big Data will compromise of 232bn in IT spending through 2016; of course efficient data storage will also have to work alongside this.

Fundamentally using the cloud will allow customers to benefit from more scalable, reliable and cost-efficient IT services. This is supported by a 2011 Forrester study which also found that storing data in the cloud could cut costs by up to 74%. This could be only the beginning for customers as the cloud will allow them to restructure both storage and economics.

The trick for customers going forward will be to be ‘data biased’ and become selective in what data they decide to store and back-up and when. This will allow them to ensure accessibility and availability for business critical functions while keeping costs and resources down and to a minimum.

This is a really exciting time for the IT world, the cloud is changing the way IT works and essentially changing the way our customers and businesses do business, in the same way the internet did.

Channelpro has suggested that this maybe the time when “the cloud will no longer be on a pedestal”, it will become such an important part of our everyday experience in any enterprise that it soon will not be noticed and will be taken for granted, just like the internet.

We would love to hear your thoughts on this – do you agree with the above?


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