Connecting your business to The Internet is easy, cheap and vital to the point that most of us cannot conceive operating without being connected.  This small Midlands based manufacturing business are no different to anyone else: without Internet access their business grinds to a halt.  No orders by email, no access to accounts system, no tracking client deliveries and so on.

When their broadband went down, they were horrified to find that it could take 10 days to get back on line (not unusual).  In the end it took 4 days.  Imagine how your business would cope without Internet access for 4 days – or even 10 days…

There is a happy ending to this story.  By good fortune this business had installed a VoIP phone system from Gradwell three months prior to this outage and as part of this installation we suggested using a separate broadband connection for VoIP which they accepted.

When the main Internet failed the Gradwell line carried on working, so they were able to move their Internet access to this line as well as the VoIP.  Not ideal, but better than being without Internet access for 4 days.

The Managing Director of this business was delighted with his involuntary disaster recovery solution and naturally took full credit.  In private he believes that if he hadn’t had the second broadband line in place he would have lost his business…

We can install a second broadband connection for you simply and easily.  It’s a small insurance premium to cover a significant risk.  And as Gradwell specialises in Business Broadband, we understand the needs of businesses and provide service levels on our lines so you won’t be left high and dry for hours, let alone days.


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