Gradwell recently contacted 1002 owners or managers of SMEs in the UK and asked them the question: “What is most important when considering cloud based solutions?”

Following many high profile hacks reported in the media such as those on TalkTalk and Ashley Madison that exposed customer databases, it was no surprise that our survey revealed 63% of respondents said security was their chief priority.

The Microsoft cloud is an incredibly secure environment where you can entrust your business assets. Your data will be protected by state of the art security technology and world class cryptography. Microsoft 365 operates in an enterprise-grade compliance framework, so your only concern is running your business, not protecting it. We give you control of who can access your data and make sure that your migration to the cloud is a seamless experience.

In reality, security around the cloud is far superior to alternative options of storage. For instance, if there is a physical disaster that affects your office or if your computers fail then the backed up virtual office is one that will not die and can resurrect anywhere in moments.

The other important considerations that came out of the survey were the issues of upscaling and on-boarding. Businesses aiming for annual growth may need a requirement for more licenses for Office 365 as staff numbers increase. Scalability was cited by 9.2% of respondents as important. It’s also necessary that support is on-going from the supplier.

The results from the survey reaffirm Gradwell’s offer as competitive and striking the right chord for business owners who want security, fixed prices and the flexibility to scale up.

If you want strong IT to support your business, contact the team at Gradwell, who will talk you through the cost effective services on offer.


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