Business growth is important to every company; generally growth means success. But bigger isn’t necessarily better. SMEs shouldn’t lose sight of the fact that they actually have key advantages over large organisations.

Smaller businesses typically have much better control over their output and interaction with customers than bigger organisations. For example, as an SME you may be in a position to check your products and rectify any issues much quicker than larger companies, minimising risk and preventing something which could otherwise turn into a crisis. In a lot of instances, the bigger the organisation, the bigger the risk.

Small business owners are often directly involved in employee and customer communications. As a result they are far more likely to be aware of the overall levels of service their customers receive, as well as the satisfaction levels of customers and staff. It can often take a big business much longer to realise and address an issue, by which time it has most likely escalated into a very public problem. SMEs should remember that big businesses frequently spend a fortune trying to replicate the intimate personal connections that smaller businesses tend to have with their customers.

However, growth shouldn’t be considered the only way SMEs can measure up to the major brands. For instance, appearing professional is now more attainable and affordable for smaller businesses than ever before. Gradwell VoIP gives you the flexibility to work remotely seamlessly, whether it’s to work from home or use one receptionist for various locations, making your company seem bigger.

With Gradwell Business Mobile, your VoIP landline is synced with your mobile phone. This allows flexible call routing options – route calls to your mobile by time of day, day of week or even caller ID. Celebrate and make the most of your strong staff and customer relationships and keep in mind that you can compete with the big businesses with flexible telephony solutions.

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