Internet Protocol (IP) based phone systems allow you to use your phone system as a communicative hub. The phone system allows you to work with new technologies, provide first class customer services and reduce your costs.

An IP based phone system works on the same IP network as your internet; all it does is connect the standard telephone network (also known as the public-switched telephone network or PSTN) to your internet connection.

We have connections into the telephony networks of all major phone operators, such as BT and Virgin; so you can make and receive calls from the standard phone network, while receiving all of the following benefits of using an IP-based phone system.

The advantages of using an IP-based phone system are:

1.      Reduced calling charges

As your calls will be travelling along an internet connection this means the amount of time a call has to be passed through a telephony supplier’s network will be reduced. This means in particular the cost of long distance call charges will be reduced as you can deliver the call as closely to the other party as possible, without using a telephony supplier’s network for most of the journey

Another key money saving feature is if you have multiple sites or offices using VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) you will experience significant savings as VoIP to VoIP calls are free on our network.

2.      Network management costs are reduced

By using an IP-based phone system, you are able to operate one network management system for your data and voice networks. This allows you to save money and time as you are able to manage both systems at once.

3.      Gain sophisticated features while saving money

IP-based phone systems allow you to have sophisticated features no matter what size business you are. You can add things such as conferencing rooms which allows multiple people to dial in at once and hold a telephone meeting, allowing people to teleconference wherever they are. Other features include adding voice prompts and hold music. Both of these features can be controlled via a control panel.

4.      A useable phone system

Employees can change your phone system configuration through a user friendly control panel; this allows them to make real time changes any day of the week from any location.

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