Consumer routers may have greatly improved over the years, but they’re not well-suited to the needs of businesses because they have more demanding requirements.

The two main demands required of a business router are higher traffic and security. Think of all the things you do each working day that use the internet, then think of how this compares to your usage at home when you’re not working. What’s more, those business activities are likely to be in need of extra protection.

A router used for business needs to support higher traffic so you don’t lose your connection. This is especially important if you use VoIP to make business calls – Gradwell routers are also configured to be especially suited to Gradwell VoIP and broadband.

If your router has business level security then you’re protecting your data too, be it customer details, financial data or business plans. Gradwell routers have 3 additional firmware options to ensure your data is secure.

An unsuitable router can cause all kinds of problems for your internet, you could be missing out on:

VoIP – without the router designed to support VoIP you could have a less than adequate VoIP service

Speed – A business router is likely to allow for higher speeds

Expert Support – Our routers are customised by us, so we know them better than anyone


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