Who has watched the movie the Wizard of Oz? And what’s it got to do with business?

Today marks the beginning of our new Gradwell Business Leader Inspirational Series. The series aims to take a slightly philosophical, yet comical and logical approach to basic business topics.

Issue No 1: Who has watched the movie the Wizard of Oz?

Do you remember that scene where the wicked witch sends her winged monkeys out to capture Dorothy, “Fly, fly my pretties”?

Well, in effect what the witch is actually saying is ‘you go do what I want you to while I stay in my castle doing magic stuff’.

I often wonder if we ever fall into this trap at work by inadvertently doing too much of that wicked witch stuff.

Sales Managers who send their staff to networking events, but never go themselves.

Service Managers who tell their team how to give great customer experience but never answer a call themselves.

Technical leaders who airily tell their team to develop something but never write a line of code.

It is the wicked witch approach.

Managers should of course delegate, as that is part of their role, but it is also really important that we model the behaviours we want to see in our teams. In other words, walk the walk.

Want meetings on time? Well, you need to be there on time also.

Want the team to care about customers? Well, you have to care about them yourself.

Want the team to get things right first time? Then you need to be sure you try to get things right first time, too.

The minute we stop modelling the behaviours we want, regardless of all the magic stuff we are busy doing, it all falls apart, because we have given the perfect excuse to people to stop.

Don’t accept lack of time or stuff like that, time is never about time but how we prioritise the important things. There is always time if it is important enough.

Now excuse while I go and rewrite another film script.


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