As 4G is the big advancement in technology at the moment, we thought it was worth giving you a simple explanation as to what it’s all about. For more information go to

  • The UK has been using 2G and 3G networks to connect phones and tablets to the internet on the move – 4G is the next big step in mobile network technology, and finally went live earlier this week
  • As well as faster internet, 4G networks can carry much more data so that the mobile networks can better serve the increased number mobile internet users
  • 4G enables people to download apps quicker, getting what they want instantly while on the move, with speeds 5-7 times faster than what you see today on 3G by 2014
  • With 4G speeds available by the end of the decade, people may be able to download an album in 60 seconds, or a movie in 10 minutes – this can take an hour or more over 3G
  • Research by Capital Economics, commissioned by EE, discovered that 4G could unlock £5.5 billion of direct private investment into the UK and create or safeguard 125,000 jobs over the next 3 years
  • The research also observed that the roll-out of a 4G network could provide Britain with a 0.5% GDP per year once fully implemented, and provide access to mobile superfast broadband to at least 10 million people who won’t be able get fixed line superfast broadband by the end of the decade


Go to to further understand the benefits of 4G rollout in the UK


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