voipppWe’ve been thinking a lot about the changing tides of communication lately. Where once e-mail, mobile and VoIP were seen as a workplace privilege, we now believe they are necessity. It’s quite staggering how many people who work in an administrative role are left to their own devices (literally) when it comes to communication utilities. While having your own mobile phone can be beneficial for backup tech or VoIP connectivity, we believe all businesses should provide their employees with ample utility and payment to get the job done.

Our sentiment can be seen echoed in the press, most notably by President Obama who exclaimed in earlier this month that high speed broadband is an economic necessity and no longer a ‘privilege’. If businesses hope to succeed in the digital age then offering VoIP is key. Gradwell have long championed the availability of VoIP (voice over IP) technology and the benefits it can offer to local businesses. By bypassing traditional phone lines and opting for internet powered connectivity you are able to greatly reduce bill costs and attain high quality sound and multi-platform connectivity.

Back in 2006, only 33% of respondents in a small business survey didn’t know anything about VoIP despite their consistent complains about utility bills being an ever increasing hindrance. By 2014 it was reported that 41% of businesses worldwide have embraced VoIP as an efficient means to reduce utility costs, something you can read about future in this factoid image.

VoIP also helps businesses create a personal network with accessibility through numerous sources, for example calls can be transferred and routed through telephones, mobiles and computers so access is always there when you need it. One point to reiterate is the expectation that employees use their own phone contract to make business calls. With VoIP, your employees will never be expected to pick up the bill or use their own contractual credit to fulfil business needs. By connecting to WiFi with their phone, they can connect free to your business network and offer correspondence whenever and wherever.

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