Whether you’re looking for a fast, reliable Internet service, or an interconnected VoIP phone system that’s specifically built to adapt to your business growth; look no further than Gradwell for the best communications solutions.

As a multi-award winning communications company, we pride ourselves on being an integral part of your businesses success story. Our trustworthy and customer-orientated team work closely with each of our clients to deliver the very best bespoke communications systems.

In our latest presentation, we highlight the importance of businesses having up-to-date communications technology.

We’ve included a brief summary of what’s covered below, but for more information take a look through the presentation or contact a Gradwell representative today.

FTTC Broadband

Fibre to the cabinet (FTTC) technology is the name given to the service that runs from your local BT exchange centre to the broadband equipment cabinet located closest to your location. Using the pre-installed copper network that runs up and down the nation, Gradwell are able to supply super-fast broadband for as little as 82p per day.

For more information on how your business could be utilising broadband speeds up to five times faster than standard ADSL internet, go to slide 12.

Switching To Gradwell

When was the last time you checked your broadband speeds?

If you’ve been with same supplier for a long period of time, there may be a chance that you’re not receiving the fastest broadband speeds for the lowest price. In order to help you discover your true broadband speeds we’ve included a link to our ultra-useful broadband checker on slide 17.

Don’t worry if it’s not as fast as you thought, as switching over to Gradwell couldn’t be easier. We’ve included everything you need to know over on slide 18.
Internet Connection

VoIP Systems

Strengthen your company’s disaster recovery plans by ensuring your employees can stay in contact at all times.

Gradwell offer low-cost, feature rich VoIP systems that can be expanded alongside your business. With a host of extra services – including call forwarding, redirects and call recording – on top of an already reliable and clear communications strategy, Gradwell’s single and multi-user VoIP is the ideal solution for burgeoning businesses.

Read all about how you can benefit from VoIP, and save your business money by dramatically cutting down call costs, over on slide 21.

SIP Trunking

For those looking to increase their connectivity without replacing their existing hardware, SIP trunking offers the perfect resolution.

By connecting your current phone network to the Internet, SIP trunks provide your business with a whole host of features and benefits usually available only to VoIP users.

We’ve included details on all its benefits on slides 27 and 28 and if you’re looking for more information, we have a user-friendly beginner’s guide to SIP trunking available. Download your copy!

Case Studies

“I discovered Gradwell and they ticked all the right boxes at the right price. [The new telephone system] does what we need very well. It gives us control and the flexibility to be able to work at multiple sites, and also gives us the feel of a larger company.“

Dave Harvey, Managing Director, Medical Connections

We are a client-focussed company, working alongside each of our customers to ensure that they get the very best out of their communications technology.

We’ve included a handful of examples of previous projects, with plenty of quotes from satisfied customers, in the presentation above.

To hear how we helped South Northumberland Radio Group communicate between their multiple offices; or how our team upgraded Architecture Verte’s telecommunications hardware; and how pleased Isleofwight.com were when we slashed the costs of their phone bills by installing multi-user VoIP systems, skip to slide 29.

If you enjoyed the presentation, don’t forget to share it with other colleagues. Think that you anyone you know could benefit from Gradwell’s superior communications services? Contact our helpful team today.


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