Telecoms regulator Ofcom has released its sixth annual report, analysing the use of broadband, landlines, mobiles, TV and radio across 17 different countries.

The study, 2011 International Communications Market Research (ICMR), discovered that while the availability of superfast broadband in the UK “compares favourably” to other European countries, the uptake is significantly lower than our mainland counterparts. The study claims that, in June of this year, 59% of UK households have access to superfast broadband services from either Virgin Media or BT based ISPs, but only just over 4% of UK households are actually using them using the service.

Ofcom suggest that the typically higher price of superfast broadband compared to ADSL and the fact that it’s available in areas of existing high-quality connections may be what is limiting uptake.

Another reason suggested is the lack of familiar options for end users, as major ISPs such as 02, Sky Broadband and Orange have not launched their own superfast services to compete with BT and Virgin; this is probably due to the lack of unbundled style alternatives to BT’s own Fibre to the Cabinet (FTTC) offering, unlike ADSL broadband.

Within the ICMR report there were some other interesting findings:

  • just 19% of UK broadband subscribers use Skype and similar services to make internet phone calls, compared with 28% in Italy and 26% in France
  • UK consumers spend an average of £434 on telecoms services (based on 2010 figures)

However, 2012 looks to be a bigger year for superfast broadband. There has been lots of interest from small businesses in services such as our own Fibreline, and our FTTC services (available early 2012) to run internet-based services such as Business VoIP or cloud-based storage on fast and reliable connections.

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