Monitor calls and responses by allocating a unique VoIP telephone number to your campaigns.

VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) offers businesses an advantage when it comes to communications. It’s a cost-effective, flexible and professional option for businesses that want to benefit from being at the the cutting edge of communication technology.

But can VoIP (or Internet telephony) really help your company improve its marketing? Well, the short answer is yes. The most frequently given reason people switch to VoIP from traditional calling plans is the amount of money that can be saved. VoIP uses the Internet to call, which massively reduces your calling costs, especially if you call long distance or overseas.

VoIP offers many more advanced features than regular landlines could ever provide.  Nevertheless despite the technological advantage and the greatly reduced costs, it’s the marketing benefits that must not be so easily overlooked.

1. Relationships

When VoIP is used for business, it helps to improve the relationship and communications with your clients. The VoIP system allows you to easily track and monitor calls and offers a professional front for anyone calling you. You can create specific numbers and attach them to particular promotions, products or services. Your staff can answer the phone with this already in mind and offer the caller a specific greeting that’s particularly targeted to the promotion, product or service that’s associated with that particular phone number.

2. Unique numbers

By choosing to use a range of phone numbers for different types of marketing (newspaper ads, emails, website or poster) you’ll be able to tell which campaign is the most successful and tailor your future marketing strategy accordingly.

3. Online monitoring

Using Gradwell’s unique VoIP control panel, you can produce monthly reports showing precise call statistics: how many calls were made to your numbers, which number was used most frequently, how long the calls were and more. You can also relate the data to the productivity of your employees for motivational purposes.  Reports can be exported and circulated for analysis in your marketing strategy meetings.

4. Call routing

While each of your marketing methods may display a different number, all of the calls can be directly routed to come through to just one desk, one office or a whole call centre.  Furthermore, when someone calls one of your VoIP numbers, a short piece of text can be displayed to your staff telling them which product, service or promotion the caller is interested in learning about, preparing them for the call.  It really is that simple to improve your marketing efficiency and reporting with VoIP.

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