Although a cheaper internet service may look good for your company’s bank balance, it’s worth considering how much it will addecxt your business. Here are a few things to consider when changing your internet supplier.

1.    The Internet Speed: The internet provider may say that they can provide fast speeds in your area, but the truth of the matter is it will really slow you down. Many cheap connections can only manage 4-5Mbps, which is simply not good enough. Tools like are really helpful when testing your internet speed.

2.   Restrictive Download limits: If, like many businesses, your company relies on the sending and receiving of considerably large amounts of data each month, you may come unstuck with a new and cheap internet service. Many broadband providers often impose unrealistically low download limits and charge you heavily if you go over your agreed usage, meaning that low monthly bill soon creeps up!

3.   Check that your line can support your needs: With the rise of professional telephone systems on the internet (VoIP), can you’re new, potentially low-speed and low-allowance connection support it? If not, you’re missing out on lower phone bills, flexible services and the potential to streamline your operations. If all you get is patchy quality with frequent drops in service, you simply can’t use that service for business critical customer contact.

4.   More down than up: When you choose to sign up to a new internet service you may discover to your cost that their service is down more than it’s up and running. To most businesses these days, downtime means a serious dent in the profits. Look for a provider that can prove their track record with uptime and also allows you room to grow as a business.

5.    Low value customer service: When you choose a new internet service, you often have to pay a premium price to call their customer service. When you do finally reach one of their operatives, they may be based outside the UK, and they may not be well trained. Poorly trained staff in overseas call centres at the end of premium phone lines means wasted time and money for your business. It is worth considering this especially when considering a budget broadband provider against a business broadband provider; make sure you choose someone with a great record in customer service.

If your business depends on excellent communication and connectivity, choosing a new internet service for your company should focus as a high priority for you. If you need help, or would like to find out about Gradwell’s Broadband services, contact us on 01225 800 123 or email


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