As you may already know, Gradwell are all about aiding small businesses in reaching their technological potential. Early in 2015 we ran a successful advertising campaign focusing on why ‘#smallbusinessmatters’ using Twitter and YouTube to broadcast our message. With our wee cartoon friend ‘George’ and a positive, proactive ethos – Gradwell have helped inspire and network a diverse number of small businesses across Britain. If you are an entrepreneur in the making with a wealth of ideas but no action plan, then you may wish to consider the following tips…

  • Embrace Failure

Let’s start on a downer… because sadly, most new small businesses will experience hardship in their initial months. Learning to digest failure and turn it into success is absolutely essential to strong business practice. Without determination and passion you’re only going to end up extinguished early, so please, don’t let initial downers get the better of your will to succeed.

  • Stay Breezy

Crafting a business pitch with panache and immediacy is an art in itself. Spend time tweaking and reciting your business hook in private to ensure potential investors don’t end up leaving you with gruelling disinterest. Short, snappy and on point – if you need to spend extra time dressing up the pitch then something is wrong.

  • Honesty

Honesty should be the undercurrent of every business decision you make. Don’t try and fool investors, customers, peers or even yourself – if you don’t believe in your words and actions then go back to the drawing board.

  • Seek Funding

There are numerous opportunities out there for funding with grants being something of a holy grail. Do your research and see what avenue you can take – if you are a social entrepreneur with a business plan that will benefit the country then UnLtd may well invest in your initial growth.

  • Get Yourself a Mentor

The idea of involving outside help may be in conflict with your individualistic drive but seeking the goodwill and knowledge of a professional business mentor can be the difference between early failure and success. You may fear that a mentor will not understand the nature of your business or the modern technological approach but they will more than likely know the inns and out of strong business practice. You’ll likely end up educating them as much as they’ll educate you!

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