This Estate Agent in southern England has three branches.  The branches are local to each other and the staff need to be in regular contact.  Staff are also travelling a lot both visiting properties and the other offices.

Each office had its own phone system which rang on all desks in the office.  The issues with the existing system were:

  • Calling an office and finding that the staff member you wanted was out. This ended up in most staff calling staff mobiles rather than landlines, increasing costs significantly.
  • Each office has its own phone system so if a call is taken in one office there is no ability to transfer it to another.
  • When staff are out of the office, need to call their mobiles – again no ability to transfer calls
  • 3 different phone systems with three different support contracts and support contracts
  • No ability for one office to handle anothers calls if staff are out of the office
  • Voicemails are only accessible in the office
  • Instructions and sales are being lost due to difficulties in contacting staff
  • Expensive

With this list of issues, it’s no surprise that the client was delighted when the client found out Gradwell could provide a new system that worked across all the offices as if they were one, included mobiles into the office system and reduce costs by over £1100 per month!

Two months later the business has settled into its new phone system:

  • Each office has retained its existing telephone number but calls that are not answered in that office are routed to other offices after 30 seconds.
  • Each person that travels regularly has the Gradwell app on their mobile phone that acts an extension on the office network, so it rings wherever they are – no hunting across offices for them
  • Key staff that take regular inbound calls now have direct dial numbers that follow them to whichever location they are at and even forward to their mobile
  • Voicemail messages are emailed to staff immediately
  • Customers are now commenting on how quickly they get through to the right person wherever they are
  • Costs have been reduced by £1107 per month

Overall, a very happy customer!

If you want to improve your office communications while cutting costs, get in touch with George at Gradwell today on 01225 580555.


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