For a bit of fun around the office we thought we’d share these funnily annoying office jargon that have come about from a recent survey carried out by the UKTV channel Dave to promote the launch of series 3 of the legal comedy Suits.

We personally hadn’t heard any of these witty phrases, but our advice would be to stop with the procaffeintating, ditch the Déjà Brews and take part in some social notworking by heading over to the Gradwell Twitter page.

So without further ado we bring to you 13 of the most frustrating office slang in 2014.


  1. Social Notworking – messing around on Facebook and Twitter to avoid doing work
  2. Déjà Brew – offering to make someone a cup of tea when you know for a fact they’ve just had one in the hope they will decline
  3. Blue sky drinking – an unlimited free bar at a work party
  4. Drainstorm – a poorly organised workshop, where everyone leaves feeling deflated
  5. Human Desourcing – sacking people
  6. Jambivalence – ignoring a printer blockage in the hope that someone else will fix it
  7. Google Naps – using Google to work out what time colleagues in the US will be sleeping, to avoid them replying to emails
  8. W.T.F?! – The realisation that it is only Tuesday, and you have ‘Wednesday, Thursday, Friday?!’ still to do.
  9. Stock Home Syndrome – pinching stuff from the office
  10. Shout-of-office – Someone who wants every single person in the building to know they are off on holiday
  11. Procaffeinating – Making coffee to avoid an unpleasant task
  12. Tupperwarfare – Fighting for space in the office fridge
  13. Velodrones – Colleagues who are evangelical about cycling to work.

If you have any cheeky office quotes that you have come across, please share them in the comments section below.


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