Video buffering… 57%…. still buffering…. aaaaannnd, oh come on we’re so close… page has timed out, please refresh. You bash your head against the desk again and weep a silent tear… but wait, your boss is just around the corner and he wants to know if you’re on schedule. You regain your composure and give a confident nod, secretly lamenting this antiquated connection.

If you happen to work in multimedia, video production or digital marketing, you’ll no doubt be familiar with the frustration that comes with handling large digital files. In some locations, UK upload and download speeds are at an all time high thanks to the introduction of fibre optic broadband but so many businesses fail to upgrade because they don’t really understand the benefits, fear the costs or just haven’t investigated the option.

So, how can fibre optic help your business and what are the main benefits of such a transition?

  • Lightning Speed

Domestic standard broadband often offers mediocre speeds, business variants using fibre optic can soar towards 80Mbps – a lot faster than the tired network in your average start up office and up to 200 times faster than the city centre UK average.

  • Up, Down, It Doesn’t Matter

Conventional broadband typically maintains differing upload and download speeds. Your files could be uploading at a breezy 5mbps but when it comes to downloading that mammoth e-mail attachment, you’re going to be stuck for some time. An office of 30 for example is going to be battling for bandwidth as they fire files back and forth, with fibre optic they’ll no longer have to worry about whirring cogs and peak time delays. A 300 page PDF can be downloaded or 30 images for your website can be uploaded in less than 30 seconds using fibre. Seamless and reliable, it’s a no brainer.

  • Next Generation Connection

The term next generation can sometimes be a bit misleading. It suggests a bold step forward in technical prowess, the peak by which all others will compare. That’s really what fibre optic broadband is – the highest echelon your business can hope to reach in network quality. It’s direct and dedicated so you won’t have to share this line, meaning a reduction in potential net leaks.

Forget that feeling of despair you face each time a new video file lands in your inbox and embrace the future. If you’re a small business, keep in mind that the SuperConnected City Voucher Scheme is open, and new cities will be added during their extension of the programme effective the 1st April. Find out if you qualify.


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