Cloud storage is a simple, cost effective and incredibly convenient means of backing up your data. The Cloud lowers energy usage, removes the need for devoted storage spaces and can be accessible across multiple devices globally; thus making it the ideal partner to a growing business. To put it simply, Cloud makes our lives easier. It seems though that consequently, the primary concern for new adopters is the safety of the platform. Given the notoriety of the iCloud hacks, a common misconception has been fashioned that traditional storage is the safest alternative.

Today I hope to ease these concerns, and inform you about what steps can be taken to strengthen your data protection.

The Cloud itself is the metaphorical notion of storing your data where it cannot be physically seen or acquired by anybody but those you allow. If you think about that very idea, is it going to be easier to take sensitive data from traditional hard drive? Or from a purely digital intangible?

Try and grab The Cloud right now.

Grab it with both hands.

No more difficult than turning on your computer, no?

The Cloud as a form of digital storage has already proven exceptionally popular in the entertainment industry with businesses such as Amazon, iTunes and Microsoft all offering their own variation on cloud storage and media streaming.

I’m not going to tell you today that The Cloud is an impervious fortress – It’s impossible to make anything truly “hack proof”. If you look in the papers recently, we’ve seen Sony pictures compromised from a different continent; even the President of the United States has suffered the indignity of having his e-mails pried open by Machiavellian eyes.

However, from a small business standpoint, there are a steps that can be taken to make sure your data is secure as possible. By uploading your data to Gradwell’s own Cloud Safe service, you can leap ahead of your competition still storing their important documents on outdated traditional devices. This is often evident within smaller businesses using second hand equipment and basic security measures to maintain cost efficiency. The fact is nothing lasts forever and physical hard drive failures are always a possibility. When your entire business is riding on fragile local servers, it pays to ensure your vital data is locked up safe elsewhere – Cloud Safe.

It’s both simple and economical with tiered price packages catering to the amount of data you wish to store with us. Our service is incredibly easy to use and once the data is uploaded you can gain access to it anytime you like from a variety of operating systems. Log in data will be strongly encrypted (256-bit AES with a private key) to ensure only designated users have access to your business files. Seamless integration also means that any new data will automatically be uploaded to the cloud providing the ultimate peace of mind in an unexpected server failure.

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