Of all the things you should get excited about in the latest quarter of 2015,  Microsoft Office 2016 should be one of them. Honestly, the team at Gradwell are actually rather delighted with the arrival of the latest iteration in the world’s leading office software. Today  we’re going to cover the best features in Microsoft Office 2016.


  • Sharing and Editing

One of the key changing being publicised is the introduction of real time edit sharing across Word, Powerpoint and One Note. While shared spreadsheets are nothing new, the ability to edit a shared word document in real time is quite the surprise. The ‘version history’ feature has also been greatly improved making it so much easier to return to earlier drafts of an open document should you muck things up.


  • Universal Portability

It’s evident that the mobile era is now a priority for developers whether they like it or not. Develop software just for desktop use and chances are you’ll be met with either scorn or consumer ambivalence. For Office 2016, Microsoft have put extra effort into the OneDrive cloud storage method to allow phones, tablets, laptops and PCs a shared port of storage that can be used by an entire family should they wish. Yep, it’s now compatible with PC, Mac, Android and Apple phones…


  • The Little Things

Some of the most beneficial changes are those that’ll likely go unnoticed at first. A refined spelling and grammar checker, touch based “reading, editing, zooming and navigation” as well as simple one click sharing are all much welcome additions.


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