If somebody asked you to name one of the world’s technological hotspots, would the UK even enter your mind’s equation? It should. The UK is not only a burgeoning pool of tech talent but also a key player in the world’s drive for digital advancement. This is evident from looking at basic statistics about our economy and employment divide, for example; the last four years has seen “creative economy employment” treble in size compared to other workforces.


Then there’s London – the nation’s citadel capitol as one journalist once begrudgingly named it. Boris Johnson is always keen to highlight the nation’s tech credentials and it is said that London is home to 71,000 ‘professional developers’, a figure which exceeds all European cities, New York and San Francisco. More fearsome is the predictions for future growth – consider this, by 2025 there may well be 51,500 individual tech businesses operating in the capital.


As for Britain as a whole, it was recently headlined that Britain’s biggest tech firms are now growing at a rate of 1000pc per year. In January this year, it was estimated that there were 2.6 million jobs in the UK that benefitted the ‘creative economy’ and 3.2 million in the ‘high tech economy’ with the fastest growing subsection being small ICT focused industries.


Simply put, if there was ever a time to start a small technologically focused business – that time is now.


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