For many companies, having customers all over the world isn’t a possibility unless you’re big enough to afford expensive equipment and a large workforce. VoIP makes all your phone calls over the internet, making international calls cheap and taking away many of the complications of location. Here’s how.

Low cost international calls – International calls using VoIP are significantly cheaper than traditional phone calls. With a traditional phone line an international call can be expensive, as you need to pay to use the wires from one exchange to the next, including underwater cables and satellites. With VoIP, your call travels as data over the internet, up to the nearest telephone exchange where we are able to convert your VoIP call into a traditional landline call. This is significantly cheaper, with calls to international landlines from just 1.5p per minute. See our website for call charges to specific countries.

Have an international phone number – A huge advantage of choosing VoIP to help your business work internationally is that you can have a number from another country. For example, if you’re UK based but most of your clients are in Cyprus, you can change your number to be local to them. Your clients will pay the local rate to call you, and won’t be put off by the thought of international call charges. Our international number selection can be viewed on our website.

A location independent communications system – VoIP is ideal for a business where a lot of travelling is involved, as your phone system isn’t confined to the office. Going on a business trip to another country? No problem. You can access your phone system from anywhere with an internet connection, including your smartphone. Receive and make calls from your hotel room in Italy seamlessly – your number will show on caller ID as the one in your office. You can just use a headset plugged into your computer if it’s easier.

24/7 technical support – If you’re planning a conference or phone call with an overseas client, there’s every chance that it’ll take place outside usual office hours to account for the time difference. For example, a 7pm call from your office in London to your client’s office in Los Angeles would be at 11am for them. If there’s a technical problem of any kind, you want to be able to speak to someone straight away. Our team are based in Bath, UK, and are on the end of the phone 24 hours a day to assist you.

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