Content delivery experts Akamai have released their latest quarterly State of the Internet study. It states that the average global broadband download speed has fallen by 6.8% since last quarter to reach 2.8Mbps (Megabits per second). By comparison the average speed in the United Kingdom reached 6.3Mbps (up from 5.7Mbps last quarter), putting our internet at 17th fastest in the world.

Most of the world’s fastest countries have Fibre-to-the-Home widely available, such as South Korea which has a national fibre optic network (FTTH) that delivers average speeds of 14.7Mbps (up from 14.2Mbps last quarter) and a peak of 48.8Mbps. The fastest EU countries, Latvia and Switzerland, were tied with average speeds of 8.7Mbps, showing that the UK still has a long way to go with peak speeds of 28.1Mbps (up from 24.5Mbps last quarter).

The report also reveals that 62% of broadband users in the UK experienced download speeds of above 4Mbps (up from 56% last quarter) and 11% are able to get download speeds of 10Mbps+ (up from 7.6% last quarter). However, the Mobile Broadband download speed in the UK fell to an average of around 2.6Mbps from 2.9Mbps last quarter.

Have you noticed a recent increase in your internet speed?

You can access the full report here


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