As we have reported before, mobile and remote working is becoming a lot easier thanks to the development of smartphones and social media. But it has been found that some smaller businesses may be missing out due to a lack of technology to improve employees’ working experience and customer engagement.

Recent research by Mintel has found that 81% of us want to get out of the normal nine-to-five working patterns and work more flexible hours, allowing for a better work-life balance.

The London Chamber of Commerce recently found that small and medium sized businesses (SMB) were the most regular users of remote working, with 33% of the companies asked having less than 20 employees, and over 90% of their employees working remotely at least once a month.

There are a number of possible explanations for why SMBs have the largest rate of remote working. In a lot of offices, they are the most equipped to make use of it, as they tend to work in smaller teams and generally have less large scale meetings.

With the use of mobile and social media tools growing, if they’re utilised then SMBS should be able to offer employees and customers an effective working environment.

Here are six pointers for SMBs to look for to help support their workforce and customers:

  1. Social – Employees are able to get social with internal and external contacts via VoIP and all social media channels. Through the use of Outlook, employees are able to instantly see who is online and on what channels.
  2. Mobile –set your employees up with VoIP and they will be able to make VoIP calls on their mobile from any location.
  3. Video and Visual collaboration – use a mixture of communication channels, each one has a different strength so you can play that to your advantage. For example, video conferencing is great for focused meetings.
  4. Unified Communications – using systems that are browser-based will allow your employees to access, monitor and manage calls, change settings or issue a call from their browser.
  5. Use VoIP desk phones – this will help to significantly reduce costs and still have a professional phone system.
  6. Smart call routing – using VoIP you will be able to easily transfer incoming calls to the relevant member of staff.

Using these tools, SMBs will be able to quickly establish guidelines on how to use social collaboration tools, such as an office code-of-conduct policy.

Social collaboration means that businesses have a golden opportunity to support employees and save on running costs while maintaining a day-to-day office.

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