Marketing, you can do it well on a budget – a few tips.

Are you just starting your company or have simply never really considered marketing?

The world has changed a lot over the last 5-10 years and whilst old school marketing tactics still work and form the foundation of all marketing, the digital world has pushed purchasing behaviour online, which requires new ways of thinking about how to promote your services. This all seems fairly obvious to everyone now, but many new business owners still don’t know where to begin.

1. This one is easy, but many companies fail here. Ensure that your website looks professional and tells visitors what you are all about in just seconds. If you want people to buy something, tell them what, why and how – in short messages.

2. Always check phone numbers are correct and that enquiry / buy now forms on your website work. You want to convert in as few clicks as possible. If you have an online shopping basket, ensure that it is secure! A business grade n SSL certificate helps.

4. Evaluate where and how you should campaign to reach your intended audience. Emails, content, online display ads, events, PPC, affiliates, online reviews, print, tv, radio, PR channels, SEO optimisation, social networks, just to name a few marketing areas! Smaller businesses with tighter budgets can create a nice marketing mix at affordable prices if the correct research is done. You don’t have to do everything right away, but trying a few can help – perhaps start on a regional basis. Check where your competitors are and what they are doing.

5. Take a look at your marketing messages. Ensure all campaign messages lean toward expressing quickly the value your product or service offers to the right people. The key is to solve a potential customer’s challenge or need in just seconds.

6. Position your business and at least one person from your company as an expert in your field. Do you do something unique? You have to be out there, talking about relevant ideas when your buyers are ready to buy.

7. Participate in social networks, especially the ones where your audiences are. LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter? Add relevant and interesting content on your social media pages. It’s not always about selling, write as if you are having real conversations – include imagery (and video or anything interactive is even better).

8. Ask for online referrals or reviews. Reviews are everywhere these days and they can help you grow your business. See reviews as an online / digital version of word of mouth. Ask your current customers to give you reviews.

Whilst this blog post is mostly to help you think about marketing, Gradwell offers several services which form the core of where your online marketing channels will land, specifically websites, SSL certificates, emails, domains, backup, storage and other cloud services. For more information, visit us here.

Good luck!


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