Ah, sunshine at last.

Apologies if you’re reading this while cooped up in a sweaty office but who doesn’t love a bit of summer sun? The midyear shift in season brings with it optimism, muddy festivals, holidays and… work. While kids and teachers reap the reward of a six week break, many of us are left scrambling over remaining holiday days and trying not to sabotage upcoming commitments.

The unfortunate reality of the modern world is work never sleeps. Thanks to digital communication, a waylaid work commitment can rear its head anytime and anywhere; something you may have to accommodate while on holiday or enjoying a summer break from home. Don’t blame Gradwell, we’re just the messenger but should you need to keep on top of a business obligation or stay in the loop over the summer season – you may wish to consider equipping yourself with VoIP.

This is primarily aimed at small business owners, especially tight nit teams who rely on each other as a whole to keep the business running smoothly. If one of your team is set to take an extended summer break, you may want to at least have them on standby so they can communicate with the rest of the team or offer their skills in an unexpected crisis.

Gradwell’s VoIP service offers 24/7 availability from your office telephone, PC, laptop and mobile. You can easily designate team members to the same VoIP network and then communicate over a high quality net linked service with no interference, distortion or real time billing. Our service also allows voicemails to be sent directly to your e-mail address and subsequently forwarded to other users if needed. Furthermore, the ability to engage in conferences over VoIP is a particular life saver if you need to be filled in on an important meeting while away.

What about all those documents you left in the office? With Gradwell cloud you are in constant connection with your base, no matter whereabouts in the world you are! Gradwell’s Cloud services allows for your office to store all your data wirelessly in the cloud. Goodbye cumbersome HDD’s, Hello conference calling from Copacabana beach!

If you’d like to discuss our VoIP or Cloud services in detail, please don’t hesitate to give us a ring on 01225 562 607 or click here.


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