Between Monday 23rd December to Friday 3rd of January we introduced “Buddying Up Days.” During this time the Sales Team shadowed & assisted their Support colleagues do their job and vice versa.

Support-driven Sales Development

We know that customers are the reason we exist as a company – the reason we get to do our work and take home a pay check for it.

That can be easy to forget if you never interact with them in a holistic manner. Sometimes we can be divorced from the consequences of initial and later conversations.

Not so if everyone has a stake in making sure our products and services are a pleasure to use.

In our own world we can rapidly get detached from what the customer really needs to achieve because all we’re doing is keeping the lights on and helping.

This reminds us why we’re all here in the first place.

So welcome to a Sales and Support Initiative!

The idea is that our staff will get a deeper understanding of each other’s roles, across the entire company. This means one thing, better service to our loyal customers.

This is the pilot of something that we hope to roll out with the whole company in 2014.


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