B4RN project has now connected the first 14 premises to its service. Gradwell first covered the community-funded rural broadband initiative back in May, when plans were put into place for the pioneering cooperative scheme to create a connectivity infrastructure in the North of England that can provide 1Gbps fibre optic broadband to eight parishes for just £30 per month.

The core network build officially began construction at the end of March 2012, but has suffered delays due to bad weather and other issues. It is now finally enabling its first live customers in the village of Quernmore.

“Better coverage and the ability to access the internet in rural areas will enable people to work from home who previously would have found this impossible, some of whom may wish to start small businesses,” says our MD Peter Gradwell.

Digging is said to be progressing well and the project is also busy exploring the possibility of bringing its fibre optic cable over the River Lune from Arkholme to Melling via the local railway bridge, which would cut costs.

The B4RN community have been documenting their progress on Youtube. Here’s a video of community members blowing and fleeting the fibre, which is laying it and pulling it into the ducts.


If you’d like to sponsor a metre of fibre for £5 go to the B4RN website.


(Image by B4RN)


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