There is a big different between the needs of computers and VoIP phones from your broadband connection – and they often conflict with each other:

Computers.  Your computer users want fast access to large volumes of data every so often.  But a lot of the time they are not doing anything.  When a computer downloads a file or accesses a web page, if a bit of data is interrupted, it simply requests that data again with no impact on the user.

VoIP Phones.  Your phones need continuous access to small bandwidth.  Unlike your computer users, if a bit of the data being passed is interrupted, you don’t hear what was said – or you are not heard.

So your VoIP phones can suffer interrupted calls and poor quality when a computer user temporarily uses all the available bandwidth on your Internet connection.  This happens surprisingly regularly.

Gradwell therefore recommends that you run your VoIP phones on their own Internet connection.  This will dramatically improve call quality and reduce frustrations in the office.

It’s really easy to get a second broadband line fitted.  Just give us a call and we’ll sort out the details for you.

The big advantage of having a second broadband connection in your office is as a contingency in case one of the connections has problems.  While Gradwell has excellent Service Levels, fixing issues within hours, many consumer providers can leave you waiting for days.  This small investment could save your business…

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