We love a slice of nostalgia here at Gradwell, especially when it makes us realise how lucky we are to be living in 2015. As digital and communications technology has evolved, office life has become increasingly efficient for everyone involved.

Obvious advancements in digital storage, networking and computer hardware have revolutionised the way we interact at work and with the people around us. Tech progresses at an unfathomable rate, so even advancements we thought to be cutting edge 15 years ago are already proving to be a bit obsolete.

These are some of the most efficient advancements present in the workplace today…

  • Communication

VoIP communication, Instant Messenger, E-Mail and Webinars are all commonplace in the average 21st century office. Without VoIP, small businesses would still be hemorrhaging money on pointless, often overinflated landline phone bills whilst also battling a stringent set of antiquated features. VoIP technology allows anybody in the office to communicate over an internet connection in pitch perfect clarity without worrying about connectivity clashes. E-mail is an obvious life saver, allowing the easy transfer of text and data; as for Webinars – well, real-time video sharing in aid of learning is quite the blessing for those who are great at broadcasting what they are good at or need to provide training to others through online sessions. You don’t even need to be in the room!

  • Cloud Storage and External Hard Disks

When was the last time you used a Floppy Disk? If you tried to transfer a photograph or a single MP3 file to a Floppy Disc today, it would probably have to be spread across five discs (they only held around 1MB)-  thank goodness for USB Pens, CD-Rs and of course, Cloud Storage! Having everybody in the office hooked up to a shared cloud folder saves time, space and means your files are completely safe from physical trauma and unexpected disasters. You can read about Gradwell’s own cloud solutions here.

  • Need for Speed

Back in the late 1990s, broadband was something of a novelty – a pipe dream even. People over a certain age surely remember the classic dial up sound and the time they spent waiting to connect. Dial up 28k and 56k modems were the norm for a domestic connection and business networks were rarely much better. Today, we upload and download digital media in seconds, in fact our broadband speeds are now so fast that many choose to stream rather than download. This allows offices to share pictures, video, sound files, programs and other miscellaneous data seamlessly without interrupting their workflow and schedule.

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